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We, in Pluco Legal Group, are honoured to have been offering our international legal, commercial, immigration and corporate services to our high net-worth clients since year 2007.

Our clients trust and faith in us has always been our bedrock of success and their word of mouth to have been our bridge to the new cases and clients

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Pluco has a leading position in the niche industry of fast citizenship and residency by investment. These programs do not require living in the country to obtain the citizenship or residency and they allow dual citizenship and nationality. No specific qualifications are expected from applicants other having a clean criminal record and making an investment.


A substantial financial investment is required, and the type of investment varies depending on the legislation of every country and could be in Real Estate, Government bonds, business incorporation or a financial contribution to a Government fund.

Minimum                                                      Maximum
Citizenship Programs                                USD 100,000                                         USD 2,500,000  
 Residency Programs     USD 250,000             USD 600,000