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How to do business with Iran?


Iran is one of the most controversial countries in the world these days. This 80 million population oil rich country with its northern and southern sea ports, fast developing factories, thirst for western and Eastern technology and know-how, international sanctions as well as complicated and unique regional cultural behaviour has become a mysterious business destination for foreign companies and business people. As Iran and Iranian businesses are currently suffering from American sanctions and embargoes, there have been several disturbances in doing business with this country for European companies as well as the rest of the world. For instance, Iran has no active and direct banking connection with any bank in the world and it means no funds can be sent and received through the normal international banking system to and from this country whatsoever! American companies are not allowed to get into business with Iranian firms in order to promote and sell their know-how and finished products and services to Iranian businesses. Most of Iranian companies inside Iran either do not have an English language website or no website at all and it is considered too difficult for a foreign firm to collect proper information on the credibility, nature of business and transaction volume of Iranian companies. Most of the Iranian CEOs and managers do not speak English language and still are keen on running their business in old fashioned methods. When foreign business people find the opportunity to travel and visit Iran seeking Iranian local partners or end users for their products and know-hows they normally go back home empty handed and instead have a lot to talk about the different business and cultural behaviour of Iranian businessmen and producers.


Pluco Legal Group introduces tailored solutions for foreign business people and firms who seek to find a market for their products and services inside Iran.


Through years of practice and error; dealing with international enquiries, cases, sanctions and embargos on Iranian market, we have managed to obtain a reasonable reputation and skills on dealing with such inquiries. We enjoy having developed a profound knowledge of the locals’ cultural and business behaviour as well as capability to provide credibility of the Iranian firms. Pluco Legal Group has also quipped its team with the international and local laws and regulation know-how and hold a wide range of reliable and proactive network on international commercial and banking facilitators.  we are pleased to offer tailored solutions to foreign companies who wish to have a share of this 80 million market oil rich country.


In case you would like to do business in Iran and need professional assistance, please contact us