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Pluco Legal Group consists of highly western educated Local and International Lawyers, paralegals and  associates.  Our international team constantly updates its know-how and knowledge in order to be able to fully cover and process complicated international legal projects and inquiries. We were firstly born in the UAE in 2008. Shortly after we managed to expand our services to other jurisdictions and created physical offices in Poland, Turkey and Iran.  It was immaculate time in the history for all modern start-ups bring their head up from the ground those days! Pluco Group legal team focused on assisting these new start-ups to be born, raise and professionally taken care of. Most of these companies were owned by our high net worth Middle Eastern clients who had come out of their traditional shell and were keen on becoming important players of the modern international markets. It is indeed the core area of expertise of Pluco Group legal and commercial team to create a safe and solid legal playground for these new important players to enter the international business game.






Company start up

Annual audit, corporate law and tax management in Poland, Germany & Turkey    

Producing legal materials, analysis and reports on requested cases

Academic courses in Europe for Business and Legal studies

Design, tailoring and reviewing international contracts, agreements and MOUs

Property, real estate and immigration law and cases in Turkey

Immigration law and cases on Canada

Professional advice and supports on how to conduct international financial transactions in high risk jurisdictions

Professional legal and commercial services for international firms conducting business with IRAN

Work permit, Residency and Immigration services to high net-worth clients


We would be very pleased to receive your questions and inquiries 



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1398 مرداد

1398 مرداد

1398 مرداد

پاسپورت دومینیکا

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